Suite Southern Upholste​ry & Auto Trim Ltd

Your Go-To Upholsterers

Suite Southern Upholstery & Auto Trim Ltd was established in Invercargill, Southland by partners Bren Mathers and Scott Flynn. We have a passion for restoring classic and vintage cars back to their former glory. Doing up furniture is also fulfilling for us as we can use our skills to create works of art.

Driven by these, we work together to complete all aspects of upholstery while adhering to high standards.

About the Owners

Bren has over 30 years of experience as a trade-certified and -qualified motor trimmer. Upon leaving high school, she has worked in all areas of the upholstery field—from furniture, cars and motorbikes to aircraft and boats. 

She handles the rebuilding and re-upholstering of any project they are working on.

Meanwhile, Scott takes care of all the stripping of furniture and car seats. He also does the sanding, staining and varnishing side of the work. Both of them turn ABC beer crates into footstool or storage boxes as well.